20 cm Cheesecake - Birthday Cake

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SayChiz 20cm Strawberry Cheesecake SayChiz 20cm Oreo Cheesecake SayChiz 20cm MixFruit Cheesecake

“Love is patient, love is kind. “Let love be genuine." 

We do care.
This 20cm super Creamy Cheese cake is made to fulfill our family request. Celebrate with us, enjoy this for Birthday Party, Graduation Party, Garden Party even fit for self Party ;).

Strawberry Flavour
A light, delicious creamy cheesecake with fresh strawberry topping and a crust with fine crumb. All time favorite flavour.

Fruit Flavour
Delicious creamy cheesecake with fresh strawberry, fresh orange, and fresh fruit topping with a crusty crust with fine crumb.

Ovomaltine Flavour
Crunchy REAL Ovomaltine & fresh strawberry topping mix with creamy cheesecake.

Oreo Flavour
All time kids' favorite topping with light, delicious creamy cheesecake. We only use REAL Oreo for topping.

Blueberry Flavour
A light, delicious creamy cheesecake with Blueberry’s sauce secret recipe made by SayChiz’s Chef.

Tropical Pineaple Flavour (seasonal)

With pineapple jam and crunchy cookie crumble mixed with the sweet and the hint of fresh sour from the REAL Pineapple in the middle is our fabulous delicious cream cheese.

Price List for 20cm Cheesecake:

  • Nastar: Rp 345.000,-
  • Blueberry: Rp 375.000,-
  • Strawberry: Rp 375.000,-
  • Oreo®: Rp 375.000,-
  • Mix Fruits: Rp 375.000,-
  • Ovomaltine®: Rp 395.000,-
  • Lemon: Rp 395.000,-

  • *Include: Elegant Box, Personal Notes, Candle (by request), 1x plastic knife, Selected 20cm cake
    *NOT INCLUDED: Ongkos Kirim by Gojek/Grab

or call us:

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